About Us

Englewood Isles Unit #3

President’s Message

The purpose of this website is to provide information to homeowners, prospective buyers, and real estate agents representing buyers or sellers. The format is designed to enhance the community’s image by giving an overview of the neighborhood and the surrounding areas including demographics, area attractions, description and type of community, access to airports and services, weather patterns, and pictures. Thus, explaining why the neighborhood is a nice place to live while offering an attractive value to both its owners and future owners.

The Board of Directors operates on the premises that governance by consensus is important in developing and maintaining a harmonious neighborhood with universally accepted standards and expectations. The board believes like thinking brings the community together while mere majority decisions are divisive. As a result they work hard to obtain community and board consensus wherever possible.

The Board of Directors meets monthly, the second Tuesday, to transact the Englewood Isles Improvement Unit 3 Association’s business. Owners and other interested persons are invited to attend and participate in this process. This gives everyone a venue and an opportunity to express their views on any subject. This is a welcomed source of information for the board.

Members can request Zoom invitations by contacting the board:

EnglewoodIslesUnit3  at  gmail  dot  com

Our Mission And Purpose

To develop and maintain a community dedicated to safe, healthful, and harmonious living that promotes the collective interests of the community while supporting the rights of individual property owners.

Englewood Isles